Matthew Petty

“I can’t lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies.”

English Systems Engineer living in the United Arab Emirates. Married to an LA Woman. Dog Owner, Atheist, Glasses Wearer, UK Republican, US Liberal.

I produce the semi-regular podcast The Coiled Spring, and I review music for Both Bars On.

Contact me here, or reach me on Facebook or Twitter (@muteboy) or Google+ or LinkedIn. Photos here on Flickr. Old Tumblr thing. Bandcamp fan collection.

More about me.

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  3. Kat

    It’s quite an interesting blog. More so than mine, anyway, but I have had it less than a month :) and I’ve only got it thanks to my boyfriend..
    Check it out (www.miiieeoowww.co.uk), it would mean a lot to see what you think,
    Kat x

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