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Gripping Achewood Lovestory

OK, I’m not much of a soap-follower – it involves getting involved, if you know what I mean. But at the moment I’m getting pretty caught up with the ongoing love story between Molly and Roast Beef in the online comic strip Achewood, a favourite of mine for a long time. Here’s a run-down of… Continue reading Gripping Achewood Lovestory

I’m Now Post-Op

On Tuesday I went into hospital for the procedure I mentioned here. The official title was “Excision of Palatal Lesion”. Basically, they took a cheese slicer to the roof of my mouth. It was rescheduled to be a day earlier than planned – originally they wanted to do it last week, but I delayed it until after our… Continue reading I’m Now Post-Op

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A Year Never Worn / Worn-out Movies

Yesterday was a great milestone. A year ago, I was going through my wardrobe, trying to decide if I could get rid of anything. I was running out of space, and there were quite a few items I could either not fit into anymore, or were not really suitable to wear anymore (I’ll leave why… Continue reading A Year Never Worn / Worn-out Movies

An Open Letter To Chris Onstad

It’s no secret I am a fan of the webcomic Achewood. There’s so much stuff there to enjoy, what with the character blogs in addition to the strip itself. I’ve written about it many times before, including considering how one character’s reaction to his impending marriage could influence my reaction to my own. Updates have… Continue reading An Open Letter To Chris Onstad


My mind drifted to how Roast Beef in Achewood, my favorite webcomic, reacted to the whole marriage thing. Here are some classic moments in the Getting Married story arc, and how I’m applying their “wisdom” to my own situation. He tried to save money on invitations while trying to register for antidepressants Have you seen… Continue reading WWRBD?

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Terracotta Comment – The Matthew Petty Interview

A long one with a backstory, this. In December 2007, I posted a comment to Sarah Brown’s Que Sera Sera post about things that give her the heebie jeebies. I simply wrote “terracotta”. Much later, earlier this year, I received an intriguing email from another comment poster, asking about the terracotta comment, and linking to this… Continue reading Terracotta Comment – The Matthew Petty Interview

Recent Links, 20081105

» 365 Days Of Trash Experiment to not throw anything away for a year. Worm farm, basement full of stuff etc. Over 300 days through now, and he’s had to reduce his consumption to keep on top of it. That said, the photos look quite liveable. » Language – The New Adventures of Mr Stephen… Continue reading Recent Links, 20081105

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How Dare You See Yourself As Different

A teenage boy has pleaded guilty to the murder of Sophie Lancaster and inflicting GBH on her boyfriend. The attack happened in August 2007, in a park in Bacup in Lanacashire. Police believe that there may have been up to 15 people present when the attack took place. It seems the attack was aimed at… Continue reading How Dare You See Yourself As Different

Sorrento Travelogue 3 – Tuesday

I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be blogging about last September when I have more important recent events that I should be blogging about. Well excuse me! I refer you to the blog of Achewood character Pat Reynolds… Today we took the hydrofoil across the bay to Capri, where the rich and beautiful people go.… Continue reading Sorrento Travelogue 3 – Tuesday

Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies Bash.org)

You remember how in this chat transcript posted to bash.org years ago, someone called HatfulOfHollow invented the concept of a machine that will stab people in the face over the internet? Well, the characters in Achewood have only gone and done it! Check out the story… Ray and Teodor take the mickey out of Nice… Continue reading Reality Copies Fiction (Well, A Webcomic Copies Bash.org)