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If I Had My Document Way… Official Templates

If I Had My Document Way

…official templates would not be created by the unqualified.

That sounds snobby, but if you end up using a template that looks all right, but has all the problems I’ve talked about in these posts, then it becomes a problem for everyone. Don’t delegate it to anyone who has the time.

Give it to someone who has the knowledge and the experience to create something that is correctly set up and will hopefully prevent many of the issues we see.


Rock Family Trees in yEd

Over on the Coiled Spring, I describe how I drew a Pete Frame-style Rock Family Tree for Flange Circus, Zirkus, BBO, and all their related groups and people. I used the free diagramming tool yEd, which was great.

This diagram accompanies the latest episode of my podcast, which you can listen to while perusing the details of the seminal post-rock history.

Here’s the podcast anyway:

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

Baby Milestones, Part 1

  • Sleeping quite well, but not through the night
  • Outgrowing oversized new pyjamas in a matter of days
  • I finished both sample tubes of Indian herbal toothpaste that came in the goodie bags from the hospital
  • Twins now sleeping in their own nursery
  • Video monitor image jumps from time to time, giving fun “paranormal jump scare” effect
  • Different formula means different types of teats
    • (there are different teats with different speeds, which I did not know)
  • She’s wearing his hand-me-downs already, and looking good in them
  • Been peed on and pooped on, but not yet at the same time
  • I get in the bath with them in the evening, and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable poo soup moment. At least I’ll be in the bath at the time.