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If I Had My Document Way… A New Series

If I Had My Document Way…

…is a new series of posts where I suggest improvements (or just rant) about some of the things which I think should be done to make my life – and all my colleagues lives – a lot easier when using MS Word or other complex tools to create technical documents.

It seems that in every project I work on, I end up having to recreate the standard template from scratch, just to fix the years of tweaks and changes that have been made to an original template. Then people would paste in text from another document, with some ganky styles attached, and it all gets into a mess.

I also try and educate people about why it’s important to create structured documents correctly. Am I the right person to do that? I don’t know, but my job does require documents to be created in a particular way, so I do have a vested interest.

Disclaimer: these opinions are my own. I use MS Word to create technical documents, so YMMV when creating more complex or fancy publications. Maybe your style guide says you should have section breaks everywhere and use columns – good luck with that. In general, I believe MS Word is hugely overpowered for use in most common workplaces.

Let me know if you have any document creation hints, tips, issues, problems, bugbears, bees in bonnets, rants or opinions, and I’ll include them.

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If I Had My Document Way… Page Numbering

If I Had My Document Way

…the front page would be page 1, the 10th page would be page 10. The number of the back page would be the same as the total number of sides, so that you would always know where in the document you were. All pages would be numbered “x of y” so that if the document were printed, and dropped on the floor, it would be easy to reassemble. Page numbers like “Page xii-6” would not be used. The Title, Contents, Index and other pages would be included in the page numbering.