Monthly Archives: October 2013

More Dog Walker Notes To Come

You may be frantic and drooling with worry at the lack of new Dog Walker Notes. Don’t be alarmed, more are coming, I just need to take the photos, upload them, type up the notes and then schedule the posts.

Actually, if I set the camera up on the tripod, pointing down, and put the book in the same place every time, I can avoid having to crop and rotate them all…

You didn’t need to read that, it was a note to myself. So watch out for more cute notes soon!

In the meantime, here is a short video of Gordon pretending to be a BMX bike.

Little Circles


Gordon enjoys swimming in little circles in the cow trough. He almost jumped in on his own this time, but didn’t quite make it, so I helped 🙂

Guest Post: Foxtail In His Booty


Gordon went on a wonderful hike at Parkridge today. He was involved in a little scuffle but he seems okay. We also found a foxtail in his booty that was bothering him. We’ve checked him thoroughly but you may want to too! 🙂

Pee’d A Bunch


Gordon is doing great today. We had a nice walk on the rail trail. He pee’d a bunch, but didn’t poo.

Thinks He’s So Tough


Gordon and his furry friends enjoyed a moist hike in Leona Canyon today. All the dogs were feeling a little rowdy. it’s this cool weather. Gordon tried to “best” Rommel, but it didn’t work… he thinks he’s so tough 🙂

Guest Post: Pranced


Gordon went on a wonderful hike in Leona today, He met many new friends and pranced through the stream! 🙂

Muzzled Of Course


We went back to Gordon’s swimming hole today, but he didn’t feel like getting in. He got his feet wet, but that’s all. He insisted on riding in the back with the big dogs, muzzled of course, which I think is good.

Sunday Two-parter: Sucker for Brunettes


Cassie writes: I think he looks younger now. People keep asking if he’s a puppy. Glad you like it!

He does look younger, like how Goldens have short puffy fur when they are puppies. Gordon did very well in Diamond Canyon today. He did try to walk off (barking ) with a lady who baby talked him. He is such a sucker for brunettes.

Full Dip


Little fuzzy Gordon went swimming in the creek again today. I’m not sure he was planning to take a full dip, but found out by accident how deep the water really is. He’s funny.

New Doo


Sorry to hear about the fleas…they’re sneaky. Gordon really enjoyed his hike today. He was running all over and peeing on many bushes. I think the cooler weather helps, and his new doo.