Monthly Archives: August 2013



I’m not sure Gordon really knows how wide his body is. Even when the door at the bottom of the stairs is open ~12″ he thinks he can’t make it… He had a fun hike in Chabot.



Gordon met a Shepherd named Dex today and was nice! It was pretty cool, he didn’t even try to mouth off at him. He also played in the creek and drank from the cow trough.



Cassie writes: Hi Drake, can you come for Gordon on Sunday?

Drake writes (knowing I’m the one going to read it): Hi Matt, I can come Sunday afternoon. Gordon in the creek today, he also did a bit of flirting with some dogs we met 🙂



Gordon had a blast being dropped into the cow trough today. I’m not kidding, he ran around with the other dogs after getting out, it was great.



Gordon was good, except he tried eating poo after Riley flattened it with his back… GROSS!

Sunday Two-pager: Clinginess


Gordon stuck pretty close to me today while the 5 crazy Labs chased a ball. I prefer this from him though, makes it easier to keep him eating poo and doing other naughty things. He had a good hike despite his clinginess. ate some grass, sampled a couple puddles, and met a few dogs.



Gordon was good today, but he kept trying to eat horse poo behind my back, so he got put on a leash. It’s amazing how much more cooperative he is when attached to me 🙂



Gordon enjoyed his plunge. It took him a few tries to get out though. Good thing he’s s buoyant.

Horse Turds


Gordon enjoyed a rather warm muzzly hike in the Grass Valley today. He tried eating more horse turds, but I saw it coming and blocked him! Nice try Gordon.

Strap Down


Gordon was a brat today. He had fun (in Chabot) but was really squirmy in the car. Sometimes I just want to strap him down.

Be my guest! (writes Cassie)