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Up In The Boonies

Although I’m not a big wine drinker, we had a very nice trip up to stay in Booneville, Anderson Valley up in wine country. It was quite a fun journey in itself, all twisty roads and scenery. We stayed at the very nice little boutique Boonville Hotel, which has 9 comfortable rooms, fantastic food, a cozy sitting room with wood stove, great breakfast, and very friendly service.

It was a pretty quiet time, with just Cassie and I, Alex and Jason, and another couple, friends of A&J. We wandered around the quiet streets (actually street) of the off-season community, visited various wineries and tasted their wares (including lots of wine, cheese and chocolate) and generally enjoyed a quiet weekend in some beautiful scenery. Being woken by a cockerel to go down and eat an excellent breakfast with good friends is a good feeling.

Anderson Valley apparently has its own language, or at least some terms only used up here. We didn’t come across much of it, but it’s nice to think of these remote communities making stuff up like this.

I took a few photos, slideshow below. I’m slowly getting better with this beast.

Noisebridge Linux

Last night I went along to a Linux User Group discussion at Noisebridge on Mission. I’d heard of Noisebridge around and about the various people I follow on the web, and it was a good opportunity to check the place out and get some Linux help as well.

It’s a very lively area of SF, for sure. Once I found the front door, was buzzed in , and made my way upstairs to the space, I was amazed to find such a large space full of all kinds of technology and tools. If you’re in any way of a hacking, making or doing disposition, it’s definitely worth a visit.

The discussion itself was quite open, and I was able to pick some experts brains about some things that have confused me from the start with Linux. Namely, WHERE IS EVERYTHING? What are the default directories for things? I only ask because it seems vital when you want to compile something from source. I was pointed to the very useful Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. We also chatted about possible reasons for the periodic freezing of Audacity when I’m editing The Coiled Spring. The answer to that was a bit vague. (Problem: a water pipe that gurgles when you hit it with a heavy book. Solution: don’t hit it with a heavy book)

I wasn’t able to figure out how to compile from source, but never mind, now I use Ubuntu which is polished and shiny and I don’t have to think about it any more. And at the meeting mast night was a chap from the Ubuntu California Team, so I was able to get some info about possible support in future.

After that I went to a local tapas joint to meet Cassie and Taylor and gang for Taylor’s birthday, whereupon a cockroach ran up my leg. Oh, Mission.

Teen Video Embarassment

Wil Wheaton reveals more of himself on the US teen quiz game show Teen Win Lose Or Draw. The story he tells mentions a VHS tape that the contestant Keri was too embarrassed to watch.

I have a similar tape somewhere (although it may have been destroyed) of me and a group of fellow pupils of Parkwood Middle appearing on Starstrider in about 1985. It was basically a schools quiz programme, with a host called Starstrider – a tall gentleman with a deep voice, tinsel hair and big cloak who was searching for intelligence in the universe. Why he was looking in Home Counties middle schools I do not know.

Tall, deep voice? Who do we know like that? Oh yes, Jim Carter, currently booming it up in Downton Abbey as Carson, the butler. His sidekick, Wart? Only DOCTOR WHO #7 HIMSELF, Sylvester McCoy!

I still have the mug they gave me.