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How to stay informed

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Professor What?

Cassie emailed from work to ask about Doctor Who, because she said she and her colleagues were trying to figure out some things and thought asking a Brit would help. As it turned out, this was a big fat fib – she was just asking to find out which Who I liked so she could borrow the right DVDs from work. That evening she had brought The Key To Time box set with Tom Baker, and a couple of classic Davisons. She’s a keeper. But not that Keeper.

Anyway, based on what I wrote to her, here are my thoughts about the whole Who thing.

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Continental Visitors

After a lovely weekend when Alex and Jason visited from LA for just one night, we are now hosting a couple from Germany. Michael met Cassie several years ago at a film festival where she was showing Pokermama, her LFS graduation film, and they’ve been in touch ever since.

Michael and Johanna (sp?) are very nice, and they remind me a lot of my old pal Gerhard from Flensburg. They live in an “eco-village” in Germany, with a very interesting social structure, and lots of cool eco-tech. Their lifestyle is starkly different from ours, with our electric toothbrush and new iPad. But it’s been a pleasure hosting them, and Gordon is taken with these strangers who keep petting him and spoiling him.

Michael was happy to hear about the CHSTP, and I was keen to hear about the eco-tech they used in the village. Johanna is vegan, so we took them to our current favourite Indian restaurant, Aslam’s Rasoi on Valencia. They have a good selection of veggie and vegan stuff. After that we went to Xanath ice-cream, with their amazing range of natural vanilla ice creams and fruit sorbets.

In the spirit of showing the tourists a bit of SF history, we then took them up to the corner of Dolores Park, where we showed them the fire hydrant that kept working after the 1906 earthquake, saving the surrounding blocks from the fire that followed. It was painted gold out of gratitude. Great shimmering views of the city and Bay Bridge.


I love Cassie, and we want to be together, and so we’re getting married!

We just told Cassie’s family, and we’re enjoying a glass of fizz.

It’s been a long time coming, despite the fact we’ve only been living  together for just under a year. It wasn’t necessarily a spontaneous thing – I didn’t surprise her with a trip to Tiffany in New York on New Year’s Day, or reveal a printed t-shirt stenciled with ‘the question’ while dining in Pizza Hut, or go down on one knee over the Thames (people I know did all of these). It was a joint decision, which was the logical next step.

But that doesn’t diminish how happy I feel right now.

More news as it appears!

Two-Wheel Stallions

Friend Brian, aka Zom-B, founder of the Vespastics Scooter Club and the Black Pudding Motorcycle Club, host of the Moto Zombi parties in North Hollywood, bass player with The Crazees, makeup artist, and so much more besides is off to Sturgis*.

Brian and his friend Ethan left LA yesterday, and they plan to reach North Dakota by the weekend.

Check it out.

* yup, you can be both a scooter rider and a biker.

“Watch”: Dreaming in Flensburg, Part 9

We reach the end of the dreams – the edge of the dreamscape. Mind you don’t fall off!

My watch is permanently wrong. I set it every five minutes but things just don’t coincide.

…also there’s this guy with a robotic right hand, artificial eyes, and steel teeth, and things keep aging really fast.

That’s the end of this little series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it this glimpse into the extremely suggestible mind of 22-year-old me. I certainly have, and I was there the last time.

Welcome To The Future

I’m posting this using my new HTC Incredible Android phone, which I received on Friday and spent the weekend playing around with.

It’s already overloaded with apps and nonsense,which I will no doubt remove soon.

This WordPress app is good though. I’m typing on the on-screen keyboard with the phone propped on my wallet to give it an angle and keep it in landscape mode. So far, so good, but its clear you couldn’t use it for long written pieces. I’ll have to try using the voice recognition feature to dictate a post next time.

I also need to figure out how to change all the various bleeps and vibrations for all the different notifications. Loving it so far though – glad to be free of AT&T. Haven’t found anything I miss from the Palm Centro yet.

“Robots”: Dreaming in Flensburg, Part 8

More of the dreaming, why not.

Running around being shot at by robots covered in makeup to look like monsters etc. It’s like a game. I have a gun too. Then we get to this room and decide to play cards, but there are so many packs, we don’t know which to use.
Then a women brings me some food. Meat and rice. Then they have something nicer and I want that but can’t.
Then one robot sits on my knee, and I discover it’s a girl dressed as one of these robots that I’ve been shooting at.

Ooh, layers. Nice twist at the end as well.

“Pizza”: Dreaming in Flensburg, Part 7

More dreaming.

I work at a pizza restaurant. We gave a lake out back. I must clean it. I find a body. A bloke. I fetch my colleague. We are searching for ID when he wakes up! He thinks he’s still in bed. We call his girlfriend, who is totally freaked. Maybe she doesn’t want him.

Not the most gripping, but good for a quick scare.