No I Haven’t Seen Borat Yet

…and I won’t if Tom Coates’ review is anything to go by. It’s been over-hyped, and from what I have seen of it, it doesn’t have the genius to back it up. I’m with Tom Coates as far as being a prude is concerned – I liked South Park, I liked Team America, I like the Troma movies, I love the music of The Frogs. But I didn’t like Ali G’s series, and I didn’t see the film, once again because of the hype and the sort of people who were raving about it. I particularly didn’t like the boring, “Let’s embarass an ignorant politician” bits, and I gather that is the main thrust of the Borat character as well. But Chris Morris did it a lot better, and with more deserving targets. Even Dennis Pennis was doing it better back in 1995.

Does this mean I don’t like Sacha Baron Cohen? Does this mean I’m anti-semitic? Does this mean I’m a snob? Yes, no, and yes. But sod you.

I’m getting a little tired of people quoting Avenue Q (warning – poxy Flash interface) as well. As far as I can tell, there’s only two songs in it, and both of these only have one line in.

There have been several thing that I’ve been told I “simply must see!”, but years have passed with no ill effects from not seeing Human Traffic, Waynes World, or Austin Powers, so I think I’ll take the risk again this time.