Monthly Archives: November 2003

Try To Look Cool

Friday evening straight from work, grab a sandwich, then to Kick, a cafe bar with a late license in Shoreditch.

The place has a real South American feel to it, peeling paint, bright colours and football tables. These last give the bar their name. Real heavy ones too – battered aluminium goals, heavy frames, beaten-up players, and much replaced linoleum pitch surface.

When I arrived, I was faced with that phenomena known as “being the first to arrive at the bar”. While you’re occupied at the bar buying the first of many Happy Hour beers, it’s OK. But then what?

There’s no stools free at the bar, the first choice for the lone social drinker. It’s Friday 6pm – there are no tables free. So condemned I was to stand around, looking at the various posters on the wall (Incognito being supported by The Average White Band? WTF? Oh right – I get them mixed up with Great White. Or was it Big Black?)

Finally a sofa becomes free, so I nip over, and gladly sink in…

…up to my neck. I turns out to be one of those comedy sofas bars keep to entertain the regulars. My knees were round my ears, but I managed to scrawl this off before the others arrived.

What followed was a rather fun evening, revolving mainly around the fact that from 5-7pm, the beers are £1.50. We had 18 lined up on the table at one stage.

It’s just non-stop craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Palm OS Freeware

After my unsuccessful attempt at rescurrecting my Psion Siena from the grave by mummifying it with silver gaffer tape (this site passim), I decided to indulge in a sparkling second hand Handspring Visor. Being the skinflint I am, I wanted to populate it with as much freeware as possible, and after nearly a year of use, I’ve settled on the following clever little bits:

Waste Some Company Time

This is another one of those bloody 80’s lyric quizzes. Good stuff, but sadly, as is common with these things, too many of the songs were hits in the US, but anyone with any taste (ie Brits) wouldn’t recognise them for toffee. Still, it made me grin to get the Safety Dance.