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Aww Cute

Ferry Halim has some great games here. Some are pretty hard, some are quite simple, but they all look fantastic. My favourite is the flying saucer videoing game.

Some Day I’ll Flyer Away

Ah well, back to work. Nice weekend though, relaxing and constructive in equal measure. Finally got this site going a bit more, for one thing. The ‘Two Gents’ flyers are ordered and on their way, so that’s a tick in a box.

BTW, sorry about the myriad popups that the Carlton site gives you – we can’t afford our own webspace, and so we’re at the mercy of Tripod. Freeserve are a little better, but I’ve had to jerry-rig this blog. Never mind, it seems to work.

Busy week ahead as a matter of fact. Thursday night is a colleagues leaving drinks, so that should be fun, then meeting various in Shoreditch after work on Friday for a night out. Then on Saturday it’s posh time at Claridges for tea, then the Anchor on Bankside, then Shree Krishna in Tooting. All to celebrate Mairi’s birthday, as well as Eirian’s and Suzanne’s.

Then to wind down on Sunday it’s a nice relaxing Carlton committee meeting in Epsom, just the ticket. I think I may need a week off after that, if not just to let the wallet recover. And the liver. And the Spleeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

[edit: Carlton now have their own webspace at I have my own space at How things change!]

[edit 2: I just pasted this into WordPress. How things continue to change!]

[edit 3: I just removed all but a couple mentions of (and added that one), because it’s all now! Change is the only thing that doesn’t change!]

Shoot ‘Em In The Head!

I always wondered what it was that made ‘The Dead Walk!’. Luckily science has an answer.

Bedford Blues

Actually not blues at all. I’m in Bedford for the weekend, visiting various folks. Statying at Mairi’s parents, and having a nice bar-b-q this afternoon. First though we’re popping into town. Mairi, her Mum and I. And what happens is that I wander off on my own, reminiscing, checking out the old haunts, and feeling faintly disappointed that I don’t run into anyone I know. Bizarre. The place has changed so much since ’95, I just wouldn’t know what to do.

I’m typing this on Mairi’s Dad’s PC, while I try and fix a couple of problems they’ve been having. Spybot – Search and Destroy has been helping me. Fantastic freeware!

My brother’s family is away this weekend, in France with my sister’s family. There hasn’t been a call from the French Police yet, so I can assume they’re getting on OK.

So I just went yesterday evening to see my Dad, who’s as well as ever. Another cruise for him coming soon, this time up the Danube. Cuh, ok for some.

But as I was saying, Bedford has changed so much recently that when I go for a drink with my brother, even he’s not sure what’s going on any more. Still, a nice pint, a nice mysanthropic chat between two people who look creepily alike and the evening is complete.


Yesterday I got asked by JG at Carlton to do the posters for the next show, Two Gentlemen of Verona. It’s nice to feel wanted! Watch this space for the results of my efforts. It’ll be based on the original PC artwork, cleaned up, chopped up, and placed in a Xara doc. Let’s hope it cuts the m-m-mustard.

Two Gents Flyer Done…

…and viewable at The Carlton Dramatic Society’s next production page. Nifty artwork from Pippa, hastily thrown together by yours truly.

[edit: No longer visible until Two Gents review page finished. Watch this space.]

[edit: Now up again! See here]

Two Gents Poster

Well, the poster is done and it’s on the website. Went along to rehearsals last night – people are stressing over the change of venue, the bringing forward of dates, and various bits and pieces. I hope they’re all OK.

I was given a set of the photos from my birthday party back in June – some really good shots, all in b+w so they look cool!

Not cool though is the ‘bumps’ sequence, which shows me going from surprised, to enjoying it, to having a change of heart, to wishing it would end. It was a lot of bumps. I gather peoples arms were tired after the first 10.

Archetypal First Entry

Well, here we go. The webpage is being overhauled, stuff that should have been done ages ago is being done, and the best way to just get some content up there is to spew it all out.

And where better to spew than one o’these new-fangled blog things.

Come back soon, there may be something interesting coming up in the near future! Though I doubt it! heeeeheeeee. I’m just like a crazy guy!

[edit: since this entry was copied over from Blogger to MT, and then to Blosxom, then to WordPress, I have the wonder of 20/20 hindsight. This enables me to realise that the entry is pretty much THE standard first blog entry. I thank you.]

UK Postage Stamp Values

I had such trouble finding out what denominations postage stamps come in that I decided to PUBLISH them, which, God knows, is more than the Royal Mail do.

So, as at the time of posting, postage stamps are available in the following denominations:

  • 1p
  • 2p
  • 4p
  • 5p
  • 8p
  • 10p
  • 20p
  • 34p
  • 38p
  • 42p
  • 47p
  • 50p
  • 68p
  • £1
  • £1.50
  • £2
  • £3
  • £5

I like to provide a service.